Graduate Assessment Test GAT 2024-I NTS GAT LAW Test Answer Key Result

GAT-GENERAL is distributed into 3 categories (A, B, C) according to 3 disciplines to accommodate all fields of study for the distribution of questions that appear in the paper. The detail is tabulated below. Click any category to view the fields of study in the relevant discipline.

From the above table, it is clear that each test typically consists of 100 questions, divided into 3 sections (verbal, quantitative, analytical). These 3 sections may contain 9 types of questions. Each question is in a multiple-choice format, with 4 or 5 possible answers. These sections and types of questions are given below:

Graduate Assessment Test GAT 2024-I NTS GAT LAW Test Answer Key Result Merit List

NTS GAT Subject and General Test 2024 Test Date Answer Key Result

  1. Verbal Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Antonyms: Online Test Practice
      You select a word that is most nearly opposite in meaning.
    2. Analogies: Online Test Practice
      You select a pair of words that express the best relationship in similarity to the original pair of words.
    3. Sentence Completion: Online Test Practice
      A word or words are omitted from a sentence. You select the word or words that are when inserted, best fit the whole sentence to give the true meaning.
    4. Reading Comprehension: Online Test Practice
      You answer questions about reading passages from a variety of topics.
  2. Quantitative Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Problem Solving:
      You solve multiple-choice general math and word problems.
    2. Quantitative Comparison:
      You compare the quantities given in two columns and identify the larger quantity.
    3. Data Analysis:
      A test of interpretation of charts, graphs, and tables.
  3. Analytical Ability Online Test Practice
    1. Analytical Reasoning:
      You need to draw reasoned conclusions and relationships based on different sets of statements
    2. Logical Reasoning:
      You drive logical conclusions and relationships from a variety of situations and passages.

Online Apply & Do Your Graduate Assessment Test (GAT General 2024-I) Registration for the fresh candidates for the following subjects to get admission in the High Classes & Universities

Engineering & Technology
Arts & Humanities
Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences
Religious Studies
Business Education
Social Science
Biological & Medical Sciences
Physical Sciences

Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL is for admissions in MS / M.Phil programs.

* The test result will remain valid for “TWO YEARS” for admissions.

Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear on the test.

  • Candidates intending to improve their previous GAT™ score can also apply.
  • The candidates will have to qualify other specified criteria of the Universities.

* Mobile phones are not allowed in test center premises.
* The GAT™ test validity (GAT™ – General / Subject) for TWO YEARS will be effective from 1st January 2007 onward.

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