Career and Scope After Biotechnology in Pakistan

Biotechnology is at the front line of significant advances in life sciences. Biotechnology alludes to the utilization of plants, creatures, and microorganisms to make new items or procedures. It assumes a vital part in helping industry, drug and horticulture to deliver sustenances and meds, oversee illness and bugs, and tidy up the earth. The impact of these developments on improving the quality of life is obvious.

Biotechnology is a connected science that uses the instruments of natural chemistry, atomic science and different fields of science to take care of issues that influence people. Uniting a few logical controls, our course delivers graduates who have an exclusive requirement of psychological, down to earth and transferable aptitudes and the learning to start professions in restorative research, in doctor’s facility and general wellbeing labs, and furthermore in the pharmaceutical, nourishment and agrarian businesses. Logical, numerical and relational abilities created by Biotechnology graduates are likewise sought after in non-science-based vocations, for example, bookkeeping, news-casting and advertising.

Career and Scope After Biotechnology in Pakistan

Career and Scope After Biotechnology in Pakistan

Program Summary

  • Duration 04 years
  • Semesters 08
  • Credit Hours 130

Admission Requirements

  • 12 years of formal education A Level/FSc or equivalent with Chemistry and Biology for BS program
  • 14 years of formal education with Chemistry and Biology fro Master program
  • Minimum 50% Marks or
  • 2.5 CGPA

Career/ Scope

Students graduating in biotechnology may find jobs in various areas; some of those are government sector, educational and research institutions, medical research, biotechnology industries, molecular biology, genetics, genomics and plant biotechnology, production of alternative biofuels, production of vaccines, antibiotics, drugs and diagnostic kits, genetic engineering and diagnostics, food manufacturing, environmental microbiology and natural-products chemistry, agriculture, Toxic and industrial waste Management

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