Parents have many expectations from their children sometimes its full filled by their children and sometime not. But this does not means that their children does not care about their feelings and expectations, sometime it is the fault from both sides and because parents force their children to choose those subject in which they no interest.

They should understand that this is not the matter of one or two years its is a matter of whole life. If subject which is student studying having no interest in it, how could he or she will perform well in exams and even he/she will pass the degree with good grades will he can do his job with fully interest if he/she does not like his or her job.

Bise Faisalabad Board 11th 12th Class Sample Papers Past Papers and Model Papers bisefsd-edu

Bise Faisalabad Board 11th 12th Class Sample Papers Past Papers and Model Papers bisefsd-edu

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Examination Schedule

Combination in intermediate is a matter of whole life, students must choose their subject combinations of intermediate level with full focus and after analyzing their interest, they should not choose subjects in someone’s pressure or temporary encouragement which will create problem later.

Scheme for Setting of Question Papers

1) Paper carrying total marks:-   75 (except English & Urdu)

Subjective 30 Marks Time: 1 :30 Hour
Objective 45 Marks Time :1 :30 Hour


Detail of Marks for Objective Part will be as Follows
MCQ 10 Item 10 Marks
Completion 10 Item 10 Marks
Matching 09 Item 09 Marks
Short answers 08 Item 16 Marks
Subjective 32 Marks Time : 1 : 30 Hour
Objective 43 Marks Time : 1 : 00 Hour


Subjective Part
1. Translation to Urdu 07 Marks
2. Summary of poem of reference to contest and explanation of the stanza 05 Marks
3. Letter or story or dialog 10 Marks
4. Comprehension 10 Marks


Objective Part
1. Question answers 10 Marks
2. Translation from Urdu to English 05 Marks
3. Use of words/idioms in to sentences 06 Marks
4. Fill in the blanks with suitable verbs 05 Marks
5. Change of voice 04 Marks
6. Re-arranging the words in proper order 04 Marks
7. Missing letter in spelling scheme 05 Marks
8. True/False answers 04 Marks


Subjective 35 Marks Time : 1:30 Hour
Objective 40 Marks Time : 1:00 Hour


Subjective Part


Objective Part

2) Paper carrying total Marks:-   60

Subjective 24 Marks Time: 1:00 Hour
Objective 36 Marks Time: 0:45 Hour


Detail of marks for objective part will be as follows
MCQ 08 Items 08 Marks
Completion 08 Items 08 Marks
Matching 08 Items 08 Marks
Short answers 06 Items 12 Marks

3) Paper carrying total Marks:    50

Subjective 20 Marks Time: 1.00 hour
Objective 30 Marks Time: 0.45 hour


Detail of Marks for Objective Part will be as Follows
MCQ 07 Item 07 Marks
Completion 07 Item 07 Marks
Matching 06 Item 06 Marks
Short answers 05 Item 10 Marks

4) Paper carrying total Marks:-   30

Subjective 15 Marks Time: 0.45 hour
Objective 25 Marks Time: 0.45 hour


Detail of Marks for Objective Part will be as Follows
MCQ 05 Item 05 Marks
Completion 05 Item 05 Marks
Matching 05 Item 05 Marks
Short answers 05 Item 10 Marks
    1. Separate question papers will be prepared for subjective and objective parts.
    1. Subjective question will be given first and collected after scheduled time.
    1. Objective question paper will be given immediately after the collection of subjective paper.
    1. Subjective question papers will be attempted on the answer-book provided for the purpose.
    1. Answer book will consist of 8 pages.
    1. Extra sheet consisting of 4 pages will be provided on demand.
    1. Question in the paper will not be reproduced exactly as contained in the textbook.
    1. Terminology will be the same according to the text book.
    1. 4 alternatives of MCQ should be plausible (close to each other but only one should be the correct one).
  1. The matching questions may be asked in parts but each should not be of more than five marks.
Question Rating will be as Follows
Knowledge & comprehension 50%
Application 25%
Analysis + Synthesis + Evaluation 25%


Scheme of Question in Subjective Part
Total Marks Subjective (Marks) Total Question in subjective part Total Question to be Attempted in subjective part
75 30 5 3
60 24 5 3
50 20 5 3
40 15 5 3

Exams of intermediates are starting from 19 May 2023

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