Career Options After BS Hons 4 Year Programs

There many career options After BS Hons 4 year programs in various programs but it’s upon you that you are interested in further study courses or to go in the job sector. It would be better if you opt for your own interest that what you want to do. Select a right path and then move with the right way. There are too much degree programs offered which can lead you MS to Ph.D. in your desired subject. And also like this, there exists a line of a professional career after doing BS 4-year programs. A student can prepare himself/herself for commission exams which can provide an executive job. Job placement after BS will be settled according to the subject specialization. Here is advise for you students that first focus on your final decision that what you want to do job or more study. After final decision put your hands and steps to the targeted designation. Your past study career will provide you proper guideline and way that where you stand.

We see that professional degree holders graduate and Ph.D. holder are required and earning very well who are employed in Govt or Private research and Development organization such as Army, airforce, WAPDA, Textile, Chemical industry and teaching. Various Technical jobs are available for BS Hons graduates like- radiation monitoring, electrical power plant operator, scientific instrument operator Sales Person for technical instruments. You can also work in Govt and Private Laboratories with science subject based degrees.

Career Options After BS Hons 4 Year Programs

Career Options After BS Hons 4 Year Programs

List Of Degrees after BS:

  • MPA
  • MCS
  • MBA
  • MIT
  • LLB

Career Opportunities:

  • Own Business
  • Researcher
  • Education
  • Civil Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronic and Media
  • Banking Sector
  • Consultancy
  • Writer
  • Desk Job
  • Business Management

The Bachelor of Science is one kind of Bachelor degrees and it is the first educational degree that is offered at a university or other higher education institutions. The study duration of BS Hons Bachelor’s programme is usually three to four years. And this study plan is referred to as undergraduate studies.
From above given both lists you can select from the available study and job options in Pakistan. If you’re interested in studying in Pakistan you can view all programmes. You can also read more about the discipline in general, or about be studying in Pakistan. Many universities in Pakistan offer study programmes taught in English. Before starting a programme, you need to have a basic knowledge of the English language.

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