Gender studies is a field of interdisciplinary study and academic field devoted to gender identity and gendered representation as central categories of analysis. This field includes women’s studies (concerning women, feminism, gender, and politics) and men’s studies. Gender studies equip the students with critical thinking skills. It aids in understanding the role and contribution of men and women in the society, which is valuable for a variety of careers. They can also get encouragement and advice from professionals.

Gender studies emphasizes on equality of men and women in all areas of life so that our relationships, both personal and social, are considered by the freedom and mutuality which can only occur among equals. Trend of utilizing specialists in gender studies as consultants in different fields, like education, career choosing, insurance companies, personal firms and law. Even state and federal government agencies require people who have special training in understanding gender relations. There is a need to study different fields of knowledge in context of gender in various fields of human activity.

Career in Gender Studies in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria Scope and University Offering Program

Career in Gender Studies in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria Scope and University Offering ProgramStudents develop critical reasoning and analytical skills, a deep appreciation for complexities of power and irregularities in gender relations across time, class, and cultures, and conceptual tools for social change.

Number of examples of women taking active and essential part in developing and advancing human life even in non-traditional roles may be cited from our own tradition. These need to be highlighted and it needs to be underscored that the society can be constructed so as to ensure enhanced participation of women in life without disintegrating the institution of family.

Gender Studies affords you the broad education of liberal arts major with the acuity of a technical degree. Students acquire the ability to think more globally than many other job applicants, making them valuable and desirable employees. These skills are vital to the workplace and practical life.

Eligibility Criteria:

For bachelors in gender studies, no special educational background is required.

For masters, a person holding a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, or an equivalent degree from any other recognized university, with at least a second division or its equivalent grade, is eligible for admission to the Gender studies Master’s programme of study. BA or BSc/ BA Hons (3-years) with one of the following subjects.Gender/ Women’s Studies/ Sociology/ Political Science/ Economics/ History/ Geography/ International Relations/ Journalism / Mass Communication / Psychology / Humanities/ Anthropology / Development Studies/ Pakistan Studies/ Social Works/ Demography/ Media and Communication Studies.


Gender Studies aims to educate students in the workings of gender on a social, cultural and psychological level and learn them to use the gender perspective within their own disciplines. The tension between the structuring, repetitive, omnipresent aspects of gender and its wide variation and varying importance is a central concept. Apart from this, it focuses on the implications the classifying principle has for the relations between women and men.


Gender studies have a wide practical scope and its widening day by day. The increasing global concern about the equal rights, their obligations and opportunities in all fields and at all levels makes gender studies one of the hot subjects of present time. The inequalities in various spheres of life starting from basic human rights of food, health, clothing and education to women access and participation in economic and political activities, decision making and other matters, all these issues demand a great deal of study and work, thus making gender studies significant.


Fatima Jinnah Women University, Qaid-e-azam University, Islamic University are the top universities providing quality education in Gender studies. University of Lahore and Punjab University also offers Gender Studies courses, both bachelors and masters.

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