Career in Gender Studies in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria Scope and University Offering Program

Career in Gender Studies in Pakistan:

In a study of constantly evolving gender, Gender studies is an interdisciplinary field that promotes equal representation. By studying women’s and men’s roles in the society and the critical thinking skills they provide, Gender studies helps students be better prepared for success in various fields. They also can get advice and guidance from professionals through online chat rooms.

As a field of study, gender studies emphasizes on equality among men and women in all areas of life. This has allowed for more freedom and mutuality in relationships, both personal and social. Though, the trend is shifting to utilize specialists trained in this area as consultants in different industries like education, career choosing, insurance companies, personal firms and law. Many states and federal government agencies rely on these people to be properly informed on gender relations so that they can understand the different ideologies so they can make better decisions (e.g., lay out anti-discrimination legislation). There is also a need to consider different fields of knowledge when studying gender studies.

Learn about career possibilities available in gender studies. What courses and qualifications are necessary to work with this field? Where can you study for a degree?

Students develop critical reasoning and analytical skills, a deep appreciation for complexities of power and irregularities in gender relations across time, class, and cultures, and conceptual tools for social change. Students will develop feminist sensibilities as they learn about oppression from an anti-oppressive perspective.
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Countless examples of women taking active and essential part in advancing human life do exist. We need to highlight these ideas, not only because they help strengthen perceptions on the role of women but because they also can contribute to building a world with more opportunities for everyone while maintaining the inseparability of family.

With a Gender Studies degree you not only get the education of one of the most liberal arts majors, but also learn about things that are in demand for both academic and career reasons. The practical skills learned through this school complements the theoretical ones from similar fields, making them highly relevant and desirable to employers.

Career in Gender Studies in Pakistan Eligibility Criteria Scope and University Offering Program

Career Option of Field B.Com IT or B.Com Honors Further Study Options Jobs Business or Scope in Pakistan

Our eligibility criteria are as follows:

The bachelor in gender studies degree program offers a rich, in-depth curriculum that is perfectly tailored for learners with no special educational background.

Bachelor’s degree holders consisting of someone with a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, or an equivalent degree from any other recognized university, with at least a second division or its equivalent grade are eligible for admission to the Gender studies Master’s Programme.

Programs and Subjects:

BA or BSc/ BA Hons (3-years) with one of the following subjects. Gender/ Women’s Studies/ Sociology/ Political Science/ Economics/ History/ Geography/ International Relations/ Journalism / Mass Communication / Psychology / Humanities/ Anthropology / Development Studies/ Pakistan Studies/ Social Works/ Demography/ Media and Communication Studies.

The great thing about heads-up, hands-on education is that our instructors are available to help you along the way and they’re always happy to answer questions.

Gender studies is a term that is used to describe and focus on the meaning of gender. What makes gender so difficult to understand and analyze on an individual level, however, is how much it changes in society. It’s more than just the two sexes; it’s a particular social construction that has millions of implications.


Gender studies have a wide practical scope, as well as expanding on a daily basis. There is increasing concern about equal rights, obligations and opportunities in all fields and at all levels, which makes gender studies more relevant than ever right now. The inequalities in various spheres of life starting with basic human rights like food and health make the subjects very important in present day. Its implications mean that there’s significant work to be done on the subject, making it just what you need for your graduate degree.


There are many universities with programs of Gender Studies, and some of them are the top ones. You’ll find courses from Mahmood University, University of Lahore and Punjab University, both with bachelor and masters degrees.

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  1. Is BS Gender Studies only suitable for females? Or males too?

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