Key English Test (KET) is the Engliah test taken by the people in the regard of getting themselves with better and best educational way. This is the test which will tell you the way and ability of you command on English language.

Key English Test (KET) is comprising of the best of the 4 phases which will mark on the best way of education. English language skills with the reading, writing, listening and speaking. Key English Test (KET) is easy and special guide is provided to you

KET Information

  • If you want to know your studies have started well You have a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • The test has three sections:
  • Reading & Writing – 70 minutes, 56 questions
  • Listening – 25 minutes
  • Speaking – 8-10 minutes

How to Preparation KET Test Syllabus & Guide in Pakistan Key English Test

How to Preparation KET Test Syllabus & Guide in Pakistan Key English TestThe exam shows that you can:

  • understand and use basic phrases and expressions
  • introduce yourself and  answer basic questions about your personal details
  • interact with English speakers who talk slowly and  clearly
  • write short, simple notes


  • Step 1 – Test your level
    Cambridge English: Key is the right exam for  you
  • Step 2 – Contact your local exam center
    Your local center can give you details of dates,  costs, how to prepare and how to register for an  exam. Find your nearest center
  • Step 3 – Get started on your preparation. Find a wide range of support, including official  Cambridge English preparation materials

The candidates who want to give this test must get themselves prepare. The exam is available and taken on the exam center. The candidates must have the skills firm on the language of English. This will give them success in each way

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