Benefits of KET Test and Purpose of The Key to Essential English Exam

The KET Key English Test is one of the best tests for the English language. The qualification is at the best wing to it which will help you in each way. The students can get all the information they require for the test. This test will help you out to communicate at simple situations so you can communicate in English language.

The KET Key English Test covers the way to the all four English language skills with the reading, writing, listening and speaking. You must have the confidence of study of KET Key English Test . The Key English Test is the easiest of the Cambridge exams.

KET Information

  • If you want to know your studies have started well You have a basic knowledge of reading, writing, speaking and listening.
  • The test has three sections:
  • Reading & Writing – 70 minutes, 56 questions
  • Listening – 25 minutes
  • Speaking – 8-10 minutes
  • The Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking sections each count for 25% of the marks.

Benefits of KET Test and Purpose of The Key to Essential English Exam

Benefits of KET Test and Purpose of The Key to Essential English ExamPurpose:

  • Both versions are made up of three exam papers
  • The Speaking paper is taken face-to-face and candidates have the choice of taking the Reading and Writing paper and Listening paper on a computer or on paper.
  • Reading and Writing (1 hour 10 minutes – 50% of total marks)
  • The Reading and Writing paper has nine parts and 56 questions.
  • Listening (approximately 30 minutes – 25% of total marks)
  • The Listening paper has five parts comprising 25 questions.
  • Candidates are expected to understand spoken material in both informal and neutral settings on a range of everyday topics, when spoken reasonably slowly.
  • The test helps the students to get command on the language of English

The candidates must give the KET Key English Test to get the bets of the test scores. This will make them analyze the situation of the bets end which will help you in each regard to get your self great command on English language


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