What is IELTS Test International English Language Testing System

IELTS is the international English language testing system (IELTS) which is world over recognized by the all well over institutions. This test id done in order to check the English language proficiency test for higher education and global migration as well as the professional area. This test is taken from over 2 million candidates tests were taken in the last year.

IELTS have the assess on your all language skills. These skills might be the reading, writing, listening and speaking. These tests are designed in such a way that all the students get their knowledge on the point to get best education. This is the test which will help the students to get the admissions at any abroad studies.

What is IELTS?

  • IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which tests English proficiency across the globe.
  • Conducting 2 million tests in the past year.
  • IELTS is the world’s most popular high stakes English-language test for study, work and migration.

Which organizations accept IELTS?

  • IELTS is accepted by more than 9,000 organizations worldwide.
  • These include universities, immigration departments, government agencies, professional bodies and multinational companies.

What is IELTS Test International English Language Testing System

What is IELTS Test International English Language Testing SystemWhy are there two versions of the test?

  • The test carries of two parts Academic and General Training.
  • The Academic test is for the students who want to study at a tertiary level in an English-speaking country.
  • The General Training test is for those who want to do work experience or training programs, secondary school or migrate to an English-speaking country.
  • All candidates take the same Listening and Speaking tests but different Reading and Writing tests.

What is the test format and how long will it take?

  • IELTS has four parts.
  • Listening (30 minutes), Reading (60 minutes), Writing (60 minutes) and Speaking (11–14 minutes).
  • The total test time is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
  • The Listening, Reading and Writing tests are done in one sitting.
  • The Speaking test may be on the same day or up to seven days before or after the other tests.

How  to practice and prepare for test?

  • The Official IELTS Practice Materials explains the test format in detail
  • This gives you practice tests and answers.
  • You can order your Official IELTS Practice Materials in one of two ways

Test centres make every effort to cater for the special needs of candidates with disabilities. It is our aim for all candidates to be assessed fairly and objectively. If you have a special need, talk to your local test centre when registering. Centres may need three months to organise arrangements. Find out more.


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