How to Preparation BEC Test Syllabus & Guide in Pakistan Business …

 The term BEC stands for the Business English Test. This Business English Test BEC is taken to analysis the command on English in context to the business sense by each individual. The test is taken at each level which help the people and individual giving the test.

For the Business English Test which has three levels in count which are known to be Business Preliminary, Business Vantage and Business Higher. There is a huge range of exam preparation resources and services given for you.

Guides for Business Preliminary, Vantage and Higher

  • Check the general meaning of each short text in Reading Part 1.
  • Check you understand the information in the graphic(s) in Part 3 and read the whole of each question carefully.
  • Read both the text and the questions in Part 4 carefully; in particular, double-check the questions where you have answered ‘Doesn’t say’.
  • Read the texts carefully in Part 7 to make sure you have clearly understood the situation.
  • Keep an eye on the clock to make sure you finish the whole question paper.
  • Allow enough time to fill in your answers on the answer sheet.
  • Try to allow 5–10 minutes of checking time at the end.
  • Make a plan for each answer in the Writing tasks.
  • Expand the points in Writing Part 2 with relevant ideas and information.
  • Use a range of suitable business words and expressions in the Writing tasks.
  • Write clearly on the answer sheet, so that the examiner can read the answer.
  • Read the instructions and task carefully in the time before the first listening, think about what you are going to hear,
  • Spend time reading the instructions for each part carefully.
  • and underline key words in the instructions and questions.
  • Use the second listening to check your answers from the first listening.
  • Answer all the questions – you won’t lose marks for wrong answers, and there’s a chance that you will guess correctly.
  • Carefully copy your answers in pencil onto the answer sheet during the 10 minutes at the end of the test.
  • Remember that spelling (British or American) should be correct. (Parts 2 and 3)
  • Get plenty of speaking practice in small groups, especially on business-related topics likely to be used in the exam.
  • Listen to native (or near native) speakers of English doing similar tasks.
  • Collect and keep records of words and phrases useful for carrying out the exam tasks.
  • Ask the examiner to repeat the instructions if you didn’t hear them clearly.
  • Speak clearly and loudly enough for the examiners to hear you.
  • Avoid long silences and pauses.
  • Listen to your partner and respond.

How to Preparation BEC Test Syllabus & Guide in Pakistan Business English Certificate Test

How to Preparation BEC Test Syllabus & Guide in Pakistan Business English Certificate TestGUIDES

PART Main Skill Focus Input Response Questions
1. Reading – scanning and gist One longer or four shorter Matching 7 informational texts (approx. 250 – 350 words in total)
2. Reading – understanding text Single text: article, report, etc. with Matching 5 structure sentence level gaps (text plus 7
option sentences approx. 450 – 550 words in total)
3.Reading for gist and specific Single text (approx. 450 – 550 words) 4-option multiple 6 information choice
4. Reading – vocabulary and structure Single informational text with lexical 4-option multiple 15 gaps (text including gapped words choice cloze approx. 200 – 300 words)
5.Reading – understanding sentence Short text (approx. 150 – 200 words) Proof reading 12 structure / error identification Identification of additional unnecessary words in text

The BEC  exams are produced and given by the Cambridge English. This is the context to English way. The BEC test given out the way to English language skills along with business skills. BEC test must be prepared in a good manner. The people can get the best use of it. Prepare for our BEC exam and improve your work place professional English use.


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