Zong 3g Packages Rates Postpaid and Prepaid in Pakistan

Freshly 3G and 4G networks are commence in Pakistan. Zong is the simply providential cellular company in the midst of all that was talented to get hold of license to present in cooperation 3G and 4G services in Pakistan. So it’s simply Zong that is on condition that both Zong Super 3G Packages and Zong 4G LTE Packages in Pakistan. Zong is contribution equivalent bundles for 2G, Zong Super 3G and Zong 4G LTE Internet.

Zong has full great be concerned of this require of its customers and have launched a most recent knowledge of 4G mobile internet in Pakistan. Zong is the simply mobile service provider in Pakistan that is contribution 4G mobile internet.

Zong 3g Packages Rates Postpaid and Prepaid in Pakistan

Zong 3g Packages Rates Postpaid and Prepaid in Pakistan

That’s not hitherto completed Zong has in addition commence exhilarating new-fangled packages / promotions that will give permission its subscribers to get pleasure from Pakistan’s best ever mobile internet at lowly rates increasingly.

DAILY Daily Mini Rs. 4 4 MB 1 day
Daily Basic Rs. 10 30 MB 1 day
Daily Premium Rs. 20 80 MB 1 day
WEEKLY Weekly Premium Rs. 70 280 MB 7 days
MONTHLY Monthly Mini Rs. 50 150 MB 30 days
Monthly Basic Rs. 150 500 MB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 1GB Rs. 250 1 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 2GB Rs. 350 2 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 4GB Rs. 650 4 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 10GB Rs. 1500 10 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 20GB Rs. 2500 20 GB 30 days
Monthly Premium – 30GB Rs. 3500 30 GB 30 days
SOCIAL Social Pack (Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter) Rs. 10 500 MB 1 day

As there has been countless modification in prices by the networks, this article is exclusively written to envelop the 3G prices and packages existing by them in topical dates so that the customers can without difficulty get a hold all of the prices in one position and match up to them right left.

Telecommunication knowledge in Pakistan is awfully luxurious due to diverse taxes but Zong is for all time reassuring its customers by way of most modern packages. These packages draw closer with low down rates as measure up to to common rates.

People are for eternity penetrating for Packages in regulates to have near to the ground rates with unsurpassed plans. Latest Internet packages / promotions of Zong give permission the customers to benefit from huge numeral of minutes to gossip to esteemed ones all crosswise the Pakistan at exceptionally near to the ground rates.

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