Top 10 Information Technology IT Companies in Pakistan

Field of information technology IT is being expanded rapidly in Pakistan. In the newest world ranking, Pakistan has been moved up in the list due to its flawless performance.  Number of software houses has also increased a great deal. Here we will mention the top ten IT companies in Pakistan.

Arpatech: This software house was established in 2004. Arpatech is a boutique technology services company delivering business solutions to its global customers. It is the largest software house in Pakistan.

Nayatel: The Company was established by three friends in 2001. In 2004, it had more than 500 employees.

i2C iNC: 12C is a high tech telecommunication company which is among the top IT companies of Pakistan.

Top 10 Information Technology IT Companies in Pakistan

Top 10 Information Technology IT Companies in PakistanAbacus Consulting: This high tech company was established 22 years back and since then it has been providing cutting edge business solutions to mega companies through new methods and technological tools.

Folio3: This Company helps entrepreneurs and small enterprises. Folio3 has IT environment and is thinking of offshore strategy.

Corvit Networks: Corvit is a well trusted business technology adviser and partner since its establishment.

Multilynx: In a time span of 14 years, Multilynx is recognized as a trusted icon in Pakistan IT sector.

GCS: It is one of the most recognized high tech Company in Pakistan and had played a vital role in fighting against crime and bringing crime rate down.

OLX: It is a new site and its purpose is of playing the medium role in buying and selling any type of product.

IT field is playing a vital role in the technological development in Pakistan. These are the top ten IT companies in Pakistan. For further information on these companies please keep visiting us.

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