Warid is a GSM based mobile operator in Pakistan. Warid is the seventh mobile carrier to enter the Pakistani market. It commenced commercial operations in May 23, 2005. Warid is best known for its quality services. It is one of the most reliable telecom networks.

Conference call service of Warid is very user friendly. d od Warid Numbers. Warid allows up to 6 people of any network (1 initiator n all Warid numbers and hence Conference call service comes pre-activatehey aren’t charged for the service. Conference Call facility is available to all prepaid and postpai+ 5 other numbers) to make a conference call with each other. Conference call service activation is only required for the person who is initiating calls. Other receivers can get connected even without service subscription. You will be charged for all the calls simultaneously. Method of making a conference call is quite simple. First, dial a number. After that put the first number on hold and dial a new number by selecting “new call” from the options.

How to Make Conference Call & Charges on Warid Activation Code

How to Make Conference Call & Charges on Warid Activation Code

When the receiver picks up your call, go again to options and select “conference call”. You will be connected with both numbers simultaneously You can repeat the same procedure to bring more persons into conferencing. Another feature is also available.

If you want to talk privately to one of the members in the conference, go to options and select private call. List of all the numbers in the call will appear. Select the one you want and talk privately. For further details, call help line of Warid or visit the official web site, How to Make Conference Call & Charges on Warid Activation Code

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