Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet Users

The Internet Society cannot assure the dependability and exactness of all of the substance that is obtainable, nor do we sanction any profitable products or services accessible from these sites, but we anticipate this wealth will furnish you copiousness of preliminary.

Even though about 2.7 billion people are currently online but unmoving concerning 60% population of the world is offline. 64% of offline inhabitants of the world live in villages where internet is taken as an extravagance.

In particular in India 45 percent of the entirety population have no electricity then how they can even imagine of admission to internet. In a few conformist societies females are not given entrance net.

Interesting Facts & Figures About Internet UsersInteresting Facts & Figures About Internet Users

Illiteracy, mature and low incomes are moreover they input factors which do not permit people to utilize net. Internet has developed into the prime starting position of information and acquaintance in the world and there is necessitate removing blockade to internet implementation.

Here are a few motivating stature facts for you geeks who crave to recognize supplementary concerning the Internet usage.

  1. With middling of 389 million of internet surfers each month, Asia is the prevalent internet horde amid additional world regions.
  2. In Afirca, 3 expose of 100 surf the Internet.
  3. In Asia, 10 out of 100 wave the Internet.
  4. Merely 16.6% of world populace surf the internet.
  5. 1 billion users approximately the globe are surfing the Internet each month.
  6. About 18 countries tranquil don’t encompass Internet association.
  7. North Korea’s internet saturation information is not exposed.

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