Telenor Pakistan is the cellular corporation of the Telenor Group, who are supplier of elevated superiority influence, statistics, and contented and communiqué services in 11 markets transversely Europe and Asia Pakistan. Telenor is the prevalent mobile cellular assembly in the humankind with 140 million mobile contribution and roughly personnel of 30,000 employees.
Telenor Pakistan is 100% individual by the Telenor Group, an intercontinental contributor of high eminence influence, facts, contented and communiqué services in 13 markets transversely Europe and Asia. Telenor Group is amongst the principal mobile operators in the humankind with 172 million mobile contribution and a personnel of something like 33,000.

Telenor Pakistan has full-fledged to develop into a important mobile communications services contributor of the country. Telenor Pakistan has full and persists to execute a numeral of environmentally gracious proposal. These embrace main vigor effectiveness and interchange vigor resolution, and execute professional health & protection practices that fulfill with international principles.

How We Check Telenor Balance Share Card Recharge SIM Activation Inquiry

How We Check Telenor Balance Share Card Recharge SIM Activation Inquiry

Telenor codes to Telenor recharge cards, Telenor helpline numeral 345, SIM commencement 789, Telenor drive balance to accompanying Telenor subscribers and download earpiece settings.
Telenor SIM activation 789

For Telenor card recharge

  • Dial 555 for card recharge
  • *555* scratch card number# and fling it
  • *444# to unearth out your Telenor SIM balance
  •  To utilize Telenor helpline dial 345

Telenor SIM activation Dials 789

For send balance to Telenor subscribers

  • Write a message for Telenor smart share
  • *1*1*92 Enter recipient no.*amount#
  • For example:
  • *1*1*9203456999969*200# and send
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