MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2022

UK Foreign-funded the Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO); Commonwealth PhD Scholarships help people with talent and motivation acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for sustainable development. MUET HEC has targeted the people who cannot otherwise afford to attend university in the UK So they offered the MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2022.

You can avail of the MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2022, Because HEC offered the Scholarship program for needy persons. Contribute to the development requirements of Commonwealth countries through the support of research that impacts development. These awards also help improve the capacity of individual researchers and teachers and will help increase the institutional capacity in the academic and other fields in Commonwealth countries. It will also add towards UK academic research and higher education by attracting highly qualified international students and fostering links and collaboration.

MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2022 Admission Last Date Apply Online

MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2021 Admission Last Date Apply Online

UK ScholarShips Program Available

Commonwealth (CW) These scholarships are offered to students from middle and lower-income Commonwealth countries who wish to pursue full-time studies (Masters and PhD) in the United Kingdom. The scholarships are available within the following six areas:

  • Technology and science for development
  • Enhancing the health care system and capacities
  • Promoting global prosperity
  • Ensuring global peace, security, and the governance
  • Building resilience and responding to crisis
  • Access as well as inclusion and the opportunity

The complete details of the applications, including eligibility, financial coverage/benefits duration, as well as a piece more information about the different areas of study that are available for Commonwealth scholarships, can be found on this website (please be sure to read them thoroughly before applying)

Commonwealth Scholarships for PhDs for UK 2022: Nominations through HEC 

Last date: November 1st, 2022

Important Notes For UK Commonwealth Scholarships

  1. A hard copy is not required to provide at the moment.
  2. HEC is a facilitator role in the selection process, the final selection of which is made by the donor country.
  3. HEC will not be liable for any financial obligation concerning this scholarship.
  4. It is not possible to apply directly to any UK institution to benefit from this scholarship.
  5. Apply via the CSC website first, then go to the HEC website. It is necessary to apply on both sites.

UK Commonwealth Scholarships For PhD applicants:

You need to have at least one official statement from a UK supervisor. Before you apply to the UK Commonwealth website, try to reach out to the appropriate professors from the directory of UK universities that are listed. You must get their permission to supervise you. And will complete the statement of support when you put their name on the Commonwealth website(As soon as you mention their names in your request, the professor will email them to fill out an additional statement on your behalf).

The supporting information from a minimum of 3 professors. Contact the universities about admission to PhD there. Begin the formal admission process there. You may apply even if you have not yet begun the admission process. Still, you need to be accepted by one UK professor in your chosen academic field from the institution in the list of universities.

Concerning how old you have to be. I have not come across any age limit restriction in any form or document. The GPA of 3.2 from a highly-ranked college will consider being comparable to a UK 2.1 (upper 2nd class), A GPA that is 2.6 deemed to be equivalent to the UK 2.2 (second class) UK Universities under Commonwealth Program Highlights on Eligibility To be eligible for these scholarships, You must:

  • National of Pakistan or AJ&K, and permanently resident in Afghanistan/Pakistan. Dual nationals aren’t considering eligible.
  • To be eligible for a Ph.D. award, the candidate must have a first-class academic degree in the relevant postgraduate degree (17/18 years Masters/MS/MPhil degrees) in the subject area by the deadline for applications.
  • There must not be any third divisions throughout your academic career. A maximum of two divisions in a second division is permitted, but the applicant should not hold a second division in the final or terminal degree.
  • Not be enrolled to receive the award of a PhD or an MPhil that can lead to the title of PhD in a UK university before September/October 2022.
  • I have not started studying for the award of a PhD or an MPhil that leads to the designation of a PhD within your country of origin or elsewhere.
  • Get the backing of a supervisory candidate from at minimum one UK university listed on the application form.

Financial Coverage

  1. The scholarship will pay for the following aspects:
  2. Affirmed flight from your country origin towards UK and back to the UK at the end of the award
  3. Approved tuition fee
  4. Amount (living allowance) at the rate of PS1,116 to PS1,369 per month
  5. Study travel grants to cover the cost of travel-related to studies within the UK or Overseas
  6. Family allowances are as follows:

How do I apply

The application process has two stages in the application process:

Step1. (Commonwealth Online Application)

Apply online for Commonwealth (CW) Scholarships to pursue Doctoral study (PhD) via the Electronic Application System (EAS) for pre-Doctoral (

Step 2. (HEC Web application)

Apply online at the HEC website: After you have registered and completed your profile, you must select “Learning Opportunities Abroad” under the “Scholarship and Grant” menu on the left-hand, right-hand side of the portal.

When you submit an online application on HEC’s website, you attach a scanned copy or a screenshot of the online transfer receipt. Or the deposit slip for Rs. 400/-(non-refundable) in HEC online Account No. 1727900133401, in HBL, Shalimar Recording Company Branch, Sector H-9, Islamabad.

For more information please go to:

  • Commonwealth Scholarships to study for a PhD within the United Kingdom (
  • Commonwealth PhD Scholarships
  • This year, there are no scholarships available to Pakistanis to look for a Master’s through Commonwealth UK.
  • Read Details here about it:
  • The group also assists students with commonwealth scholarships positively.

For Further Details about MUET HEC Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD in UK 2022 You have to stay with us on this page because we will update this page frequently.

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