Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024 by PM Imran Khan Procedure Application Form Requirements Documents

For The Poor Public in the Easy Installment, their Own houses are going to given them by the PM Imran Khan, It is Naya Pakistan Apna Ghar Scheme 2024 announced by the PM Khan PTI Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf. One of the key features for Naya Pakistan is to improve the housing situation for Pakistanis. There is a shortfall of over 10 million houses, and every year we are adding to this backlog. This government intends to promote access to housing to the people of Pakistan and jumpstart the housing sector. Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024 by PM Imran Khan Apna Ghar Housing Scheme 2024 is announced for the poor eligible people.

We are the informing All the Poor people that PM Imran Khan has launched the Naya ghar Scheme 2024 in 7 districts of Pakistan and in future days they will bring it in all other districts as well. Creation of Provincial and Federal Naya Pakistan Housing Authority.
Action: Ministry of Housing and works and Ministry of law and Parliamentary affairs.
Time period: three months from today. If you are eligible then you must apply for this Apna Ghar scheme 2024 Application form and Eligibility Criteria has been provided below. How you can apply for this home procedure and its requirements as well.

Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024 by PM Imran Khan Procedure Application Form Requirements Documents

Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024


We are informing you that you must apply within two months because after due dates application forms will not be entertained. It is envisaged that by the above measures the cost would be 15 to 20% lower than the current market price and by providing long term loans we would enhance the number of people who can afford housing by 100% in the first three years. The current situation is about half a million people can afford to buy homes and apartments every year.

Application Form :

PM Imran Khan Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024 in Easy Installments Procedure to Apply Eligibility Criteria

The salient features of this housing is to make housing affordable to people are the following :

  • Increase buying power by providing loans of longer tenure fifteen to twenty years.
  • Reduce cost by standardizing design and specifications.
  • Reduce cost by significantly cutting down the approval time.
  • Develop new communities with access to infrastructure.
  • Reduce the upfront cost of builders by providing them land in installments and minimum time for approvals and infrastructure before the start of construction.
  • Provide project loans to builders so that they can complete housing project in the shortest possible time thus improving their ROI and at the same time reduce the investment period thus reducing the overall cost for the end consumer the main objective of this scheme

Detailed Articles :

If you are eligible for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program 2024 then you must apply may you get new home your own home. This Scheme is announced by the PM Imran Khan its Procedure to apply and its Application Form is available here you can get complete Requirements and required Documents details as well. If you have any query or any other information regarding this you must comment us we will help you.

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