Write Down the Aims Objectives of the Creation of Pakistan

Subsequent to the war of independence the Muslims were to a great extent hard-pressed by the Hindus as in first-class health as the British. Social, political and cost-effective circumstances of affairs of the Muslims were absolutely misrepresented. That is why they order for a disconnect state of their own. Following were the Aims & Objectives that show the way to the construction of Pakistan.

  • Enforcement of the sovereignty of the God almighty
  • Establishment of Islamic democracy
  • Fortification of Muslim image and identity
    Safeguard of Muslim culture and civilization
    Two nation theory
  • Scenery up of a Free Islamic Society
  • Protection from Communal Riots
  • Social & Political Development of Muslims
  • Fortification of Muslim Language
  • Protection of Two Nation Theory
  • Institution of Islamic State
  • Surroundings up of True Islamic Society
  • Nightmare of Muslims to get freedom
  • contracted Mindedness of Hindus
  • To get liberate of the British
  • Accomplishment of Peaceful Atmosphere
  • Islamic Culture and Civilization
  • Deliverance from Economic Exploitation
  • Muslim Unity Emancipation from the prejudicial Hindu majority Establishment of a balanced economic system

Write Down the Aims & Objectives of the Creation of Pakistan

Write Down the Aims & Objectives of the Creation of Pakistan?Muslims have their have possession of civilization, their have possession of traditions, their own background,their own religion and a absolutely poles apart way of time from Hindus. Muslims can not be combined in several supplementary nation for the reason that their philosophy of life is based on the principles of Islam.

In dumpy the Muslims command a disconnect state barely for the reason that of their Worse conditions and to set aside their national frankness. It is logically theoretical that had he been breathing for a few time he would have not compulsory such set-up for Pakistan where in cooperation the Islamic ideals and up to date thoughts indispensable for advancement would have been copious provide somewhere to stay

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