Procedure & Requirements to Degree Verification Attestation of HE …

The Higher Education Commission that is made to be HEC has now introduced a good way to make your degree attested by the HEC that can make it in productive manner. It is used procedures for the widespread populace to construct their degrees which they have got hold of to be demonstrating.

In assemble to horizontal the advancement for the universal public the Higher Education Commission (HEC) has strong-minded to construct larger the competence of attestation of degrees/diplomas concern by Pakistani universities/degree arrangement underpinning at HEC Regional Centers.

Procedure & Requirements to Degree Verification Attestation of HEC

Procedure & Requirements to Degree Verification Attestation of HEC

  • Sign Up/ Sign within to the website of HEC
  • Plug up the Application Form that is scheduled i.e. Personal information, Educational facet and then settle on the compulsory documents for testimony.
  • There are three decisions for attestation
    (i). Self-Submission
    (ii). Throughout Authorized Person
    (iii). through messenger. Select the third collection “Through Courier” and shatter “submit” the application form.
  • Settle on the Certificate conclusion and strength down the button “Confirm”.
  • Thump it off the button Print Application Form and then print.

You can now make your way to the productive way to the respective way to make your degree attested. This will make you more way through. Steps that are compulsory for the attestation are as under. The procedure is kept really simple that can make it more simple and easy for the candidates that want to have attestation of their degree.

You must now make the way through the attestation of your degrees in the effective manner. The attestation is now made very easy for you so don’t take more tension and be clear.

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