Nadra Pakistan is now issuing Computerized Birth Certificates now. This will solve a number of Problems. Tracking people will be easy and National Security level will be raised considerably. We urge you that if you have a new born in your home, Register His birth in Nadra and get a Computerized Child Registration Certificate CRC.

Child Registration Certificates is a registration document used to register minors under the age of 18 years. In this article are explained the Registration procedure of getting this Computerized CRC, its Fee and its Sample.

Get a Computerized CRC for your Minor as soon as possible. Registering the birth of child is mandatory. The fee of this computerized CRC is just 50 rupees and the card is issued by NSRC/DAU after 5 days. Carefully study all the things mentioned below the image.

Nadra Computerized Birth Certificates Fee Sample and Registration Procedure

Nadra Computerized Birth Certificates Fee Sample and Registration ProcedureDetailed Application Procedure:

Data must be acquired at NSRC/DAU, then a token is issued, after that a photo is captured. Then a person goes for signature and Thumb prints are taken Than the DEO questions for basic data acquisition and matching it with the data presented.

This identity data is then uploaded to NADRA Warehouse. NADRA checks it and verifies it. After that the CRC is issued to the applicant within a week. No Documents are required for applicants below the age of 10 years. Birth or School Certificate is required for applicants over the age of 10 years.

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