The main objective and sole mission of Mutual Benefit Coupon System MBCS is to actualize the dream of an interest and tax free Pakistan. It is a perfect plan to help poor people of Pakistan and improve the life standards of all the population. Bedar Pakistan’s plan is to replace the current tax system with a system that is compatible within Islamic laws.

This new system will transform Pakistan’s economy into a super economy. In the year 2012-13, the estimated budget for the current year was Rs. 2960 billion. But till the end of this year, actual expenses will exceed Rs. 4000 billion.

The revenue generated through Tax and non-tax revenue never exceeds the mark of 2000 billion. Since last 5 years, the budget always fall short of at least 1000 billion. The government than take steps to fill the gap.  It take loans from worldbank and IMF. These debts are hardly paid back.

Mutual Benefit Coupon System MBCS by Bedar Pakistan Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

Mutual Benefit Coupon System MBCS by Bedar Pakistan & Dr Niaz Ahmed Khan

The interests on these loans mount every year. Government is not even able to pay the interest on these loans. To remedify this problem; the prices of petrol, electricity etc is raised. Due to raise in these prices. Other product’s prices also mount due to this. Mutual Benefit Coupon System is the only solution to all these problems.

It is a comprehensive system based on reward and incentive (jaza). Under this economic system government like a colossal commercial entity offers discount on the commodities and services, the prices of which are under its direct control. This discount is enormous for a limited period of time.

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