KPK Insaf Rozgar Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2024 Application Form Eligibility Criteria

The Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has launched the new scheme in regard the unemployment is KPK Insaf Rozgar Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2024. Government provides the great chance to the people get loan with out any interest and make strong their financially condition. Government give a great deal to the resident people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The eligibility Criteria is describe bellow. To control the Increasing unemployment of Pakistani workers, Chief Minister of Pakistan Started this new Scheme Insaf Rozgaar Scheme In Pakistan. This Step of our Chief Minister toward the Unemployment of Pakistani People is benefit for Social and Economics of Pakistan.

Insaf Rozgaar Scheme provides the Rozgaar of Maximum people with out any interest. As the first the government provides all the Facilities to the people about its employment or the people has the weak economical status, our Government Helps to make their economical conditions strong. Insaf Rozgaar Scheme has the some conditions. The people has the eligibility of Insaf Rozgaar Scheme, Government provide the all facilities of this scheme.

KPK Insaf Rozgar Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2024 Application Form Eligibility Criteria

KPK Insaf Rozgar Interest-Free Loan Scheme 2024 Application Form Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applicant should be has permanent residency of newly merged Region in KPK.
  2. Applicant Should has the age in between 18-50 years.
  3. Applicant stayed at least last two years at Resident address. (This condition can not applied the tamperary Displaced persons)
  4. The person has the able to the Insaf Rozgaar program get the eligibility form from the KPK Development program or its affiliated Institutes to purse their skill.
  5. Applicant Should not be a employ of government or semi-government organization or not be a regular student of any institute.
  6. Applicant should not a defaulter.
  7. Applicant Should not receive loan of any institute perilously.

Loan Limit

  • Professional and degree holder R.s 50,000/- to 1,000,000/-
  • Technical Expert R.s 50,000/- to 500,000/-
  • Other Unemployment R.s 50,000/- to 300,000/-

Repayment period

  • Maximum Period of Three years.


2 persons are required as a guarantor
(The Bank of KPK has the authority to reject the guarantor)

Criteria of Guarantor

  1. Al least one person has the government job.
  2. Guarantor Should not be a Bank or Financial Institute employ.
  3. A guarantor could not be guarantee 2 loan applicant.

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    I am from South waziristan ..Mehsud tribe, how can i apply for the scheme

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