Happy Independence Day Pakistan 14th August Celebrations

Independence day for any country is like a festival. Regard this Pakistani celebrate this day with zeal & zest.They Rejoice their happiness with friends and family. People of Pakistan all over the country have different style to celebrate the independence day. Some people dress up in green and white to show the love with sweet country Pakistan. Some people visit to the national monuments like Minar e Pakistan and Quad e Azam Tomb. Children also enjoy this day to the fullest. There function are arranged in all schools all over the Pakistan. Speaker speaks on this glorious day. Speeches and quiz program arranged. old people tells and remembered this holy event, they tells all the history and back ground sight by them.

Definitely this land of blessing not just piece of land but this remarkable land is complete ideological history. this was great mile stone achieved by Muslims with faith, unity and discipline. Allah give this worthy homeland in a worth full and Holy month of Ramadan. We also bow down before Allah and say Thanks to ALLAH Almighty for this precious gift. No doubt this land is not less then heaven on the earth ,why not we celebrate it with celebration. But one thing kept in mind we are Muslim first then Pakistani. Our acts and sayings must be according to the our Religion even we celebrating. celebration not the name to make erotica. When we celebrating independence then kept in mind one thing ,what are our norms & values? If we makes drinking parties, makes wheeling, irritate women and create erotica then these are not celebration these are just filth, these celebration are gutter.

Happy Independence Day Pakistan 14th August Celebrations

It is necessary that people of Pakistan pay tribute to their heroes because this was their effort for that we living in a independent atmosphere. We should also remember those who paid their lives, wealth and homes for us. We should educate our new generation with brief history of Pakistan and independent movement.

Happy Independence Day Pakistan 14th August Celebrations

We are the nation of Passion and we celebrate our National with integrity.  Norms and values are our basic power as different nation.  May Allah show His countless blessing to our home land. (Ameen)

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