How To Get Your KESC Electricity Duplicate Bill

KESC is moreover recognized as Karachi Electric Supply Company in Karachi, but preponderance of populace calls it by way of a name ‘KESC’. The company provides many services to the citizens which are existing in Karachi. The company is provided that its services to an extensive area. Karachi itself is also a very wide area with many industries and gigantic no. of familial consumers challenging electricity.

Now KESC the company is presenting a few of its services to its customers via internet, in supplementary words it is making available the services on the internet. Now the patrons doesn’t have to disappear to the customer service centers for the resolution of their troubles KESC commence a little of its services on internet.

The companionship is given that the electricity in the city to all developed and household consumers devoid of any inequality. The consignment is moreover administered by the corporation in the form of load-shedding in the epoch of demand out of aptitude or out of construction.

How To Get Your KESC Electricity Duplicate Bill

How To Get Your KESC Electricity Duplicate Bill ?

However the company doesn’t own good quality standing in the society as it is powerless to accomplish the command of the district all the yearlong due to governmental policies.

You can at present Print or Details pdf facsimile of your K-Elecrtic Duplicate Bill. The Bill can be acquired by providing compulsory information. Now the patrons will not have to wandering in the offices of KESC and currently they can control on their computer arrangement and watch the electricity bills online.

If the customers mislay their electric bill, then they can also download it from there and dig up the duplicate copy of their electric bill & get it printed

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