Fashion Designing Courses in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

Fashion designing is the way how you dress up, make up and represent yourself. It was not a very popular area of interest before, but in the last few years tables have turned. Now, fashion is a symbol of modernity and status.

In Pakistan, cultural clothes were a symbol of respect and any new style was seen as disrespect to muslim culture. But now, things are opposite. People who don’t follow the trends are considered an anomaly in the society.

Fashion Designing Courses in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

Fashion Designing Courses in Rawalpindi Islamabad Pakistan

Every country’s main representation is its capital. So lets talk about twin cities, Islamabad Rawalpindi. Fashion designing institutes of RWP/ISL and courses offered are these:

  1. National Textile Institute NTI School of Fashion Designing: I.TAF 2 Years, B.TAF 2 years, BS T&FD 4 years, M.TAF 2 years programme.
  2. College of Fashion and Design Islamabad: 2 year diploma in textile designing, short courses of sewing etc. bachelors in Arts & Design.
  3. Rawalpindi institute of Art and Design: diplomas, short courses, bachelors in fine arts is available.
  4. Department of fashion and design Iqra University: bachelor’s in fine arts, interior designing, textile designing, illustration making etc. diplomas are also available. Short cases such as photography are also taught.
  5. NCA Islamabad: one of the top universities in Pakistan. It offers all types of bachelors related to arts and designing.
  6. PIFD Pakistan Institute of Fashion and Design: bachelors in textile designing, interior designing, fashion marketing and promotion, fine arts. (4 years.) 2 year diploma.

People interested and skilled in designing must not let their dreams die with them. They must apply in one of these institutes and fulfill their dreams.

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    I am interested i to open an institute regarding textile designing, dress designing, fashion designing and all related products.
    our city lacks such an institute and there is a lot of opportunities and growth in this sector keeping in mind my city.
    NCA is my favourite institute and providing quality education will be the hall mark.
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