Facts About Pakistan Forces Pak Army, Navy and Air Force PAF

The country of Pakistan  is the most versatile one. Everybody is always talking about the deficiencies of Pakistan but here we will tell you about the great positives facts of the country of Pakistan.  The country has yet much of the factors in the diverse ways. The people, culture and the areas have the diverse facts that are listed by your way.

The Pakistan forces are listed among the best forces of the world. The people will be awarded of all the facts which will be given in the best regard. The facts about the forces are given at this articles.


  • Pakistan Amry  ( Air Force , Army , Navy ) : 600,000
  • Pakistan Rerserve Army : 500,000
  • Total Pakistani Army Personals : 1.1 Million personals
  • Total People to Save Pakistan : 1.1 M (Army )+ 2.3 M (fata soldiers)
  • These are the facts,  3.4 Million Soldiers are their to defend their country who know to fight and use ammunition.

Facts About Pakistan Forces Pak Army, Navy and Air Force PAF

Facts About Pakistan Forces Pak Army, Navy and Air Force PAFA country’s defense is Pakistan-army observed by the power of its army and expertise, they use. Pakistani Army is the greatest to accumulate its country. As far as Pakistani army personals are measured here are significant deliberations


  • Pakistan’s military forces are the seventh largest in the world in terms of active troops.
  • Pakistan is the only country in the Islamic world to have female Major Generals in the Army. Major General Shahida Malik was Pakistan’s first female two-star general
  • Air Commodore MM ALAM (Late) has a world record of shooting down 5 planes in less than a Minute.
  • Of the largest forces in the world Pakistan spends $10,000 per soldier whereas America spends nearly $400,000 per soldier and India spends $25,000.
  • The annual budget of our military forces sums up to $6.98 billion which is almost 2.7% of our GDP.

The people can now thus analyze that non of the country is perfect. It has negative and positive aspects. The country of Pakistan is degraded in the world but it is listed among the best ones as well. The updates will be listed for you in the best regard.

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