Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan and Its Solutions

The problem of load shedding is increasing day by day. The government of Pakistan is trying to resolve this problem cause it make the people very worried at certain points. The people can be granted with the indications as well as the solutions of the problems which has laid their way out for the light and issues regarding it

Pakistan has god talented natural resources and 7th Atomic Power of world, but unluckily due to bad conclusions and lack of political organization Pakistan has been anguish huge quantity of Load shedding. The whole nation of Pakistan is coming up for the correct solution of Load shedding but the results are in vain

Load shedding has been located by the administration of electricity to cover up the blast fall of authority. In big cities the period of Load shedding is 7 to 8 hours where as in small villages it is 15 to 16 hours.

Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan and Its Solutions

Electricity and Load Shedding Problem in Pakistan and Its SolutionsIn short the government is not performing the responsibility with the accurate protection and means to provide the electricity to each individual in Pakistan. Although they have happening mega projects to manufacture electricity but they will obtain time of more than 5 years.


  • We have to produce atomic energy in vast scale.
  • We have to use land of rivers to produce hydro energy.
  • We have to use big resources of coal and gas for the thermal energy for the sake of electricity production.
  • In Pakistan the weather mostly sunny throughout the year and from 365 days more than 250 days are sunny. We must be using the Solar energy to produce electricity.

We have to make our selves aware of the facts which are related in the best perceptive. The people will be given with the best details which will help them out to understand the issue of load shedding more effectively

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