According to the procedure defined by the Election Commission of Pakistan, a total of 168 members from the Sindh Assembly will elect seven members on general seats of the house and two seats reserved for women and technocrats each. In Sindh Assembly a Senator needs 24 votes of members to get elected on general seat.

Pakistan Senate Election 2023 Live Updates and Result Announcement has been provided here By ECP Election Commission Pakistan online. The total number of members in Punjab assembly has been 371, meaning 53 provincial members have to elect one Senator on general seat.

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, for the total number of 7 general Senate seats, 17 votes will be required in order to win each general seat. For the 7 general Senate seats available in Balochistan assembly, nine votes will be needed from the members to get elected.

Polling for 48 Senate seats is underway in the national and provincial assemblies. According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, 131 candidates are contesting for 48 seats in the Upper House of Parliament.

Pakistan Senate Election Live Updates Result Announcement By ECP Election Commission Pakistan

Pakistan Senate Election 2023 Live Updates Result Announcement By ECP Election Commission PakistanUpdates gif Picture Updates gif Picture6:45pm : Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif congratulates the newly elected senators, Express News reports. Transparent electoral process strengthens democracy, he says.

Final Electoral Rolls Voter Stats

ECP Pakistan Senate Election 2023 Official Result

Province / Area Male Voters Female Voters Total Voters
Balochistan 1,912,228 1,418,199 3,330,427
FATA 1,134,694 594,363 1,729,057
Federal Area 334,688 285,646 620,334
Khyber Pakhtun Khwa 7,020,300 5,262,716 12,283,016
Punjab 27,793,427 21,640,536 49,433,963
Sindh 10,493,069 8,475,557 18,968,626
Total 48,688,406

Get Online Updates Regarding the Pakistan Senate Election 2023 The is Conducted by the Pakistan Election Commission ECP ITs Results and polling Updates will be available here.

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