Tuition MDCAT ECAT Entry Test Preparation Best Academies

If the applicant wants to become a Doctor the applicant gets admission in MBBS, but before the admission applicants must pass the MDCAT then they are eligible to get admission in any university. The Medical College Admission Test condensed MDCAT is a computer base homogeneous assessment designed for forthcoming medical students within the United States as well as Canada.

It is premeditated to evaluate dilemma solving, serious thinking, written psychotherapy, and acquaintance of scientific perception as well as philosophy. Pakistan Best Tuition MDCAT ECAT Entry Test academies list. Top Pakistan Tuition MDCAT ECAT Entry Test academies.

Each Candidate in quest of Admission en route to engineering colleges is mandatory to get ahead of an Entry Test (ECAT- Engineering College Admission Test). The filling of ECAT is encompassed of four Subjects i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English of F.Sc. Pre-Engineering or else corresponding echelon.

The outline of the test is the pedestal on the criterion resolute by the individual Universities & Colleges. Many of the academies offer the students to make their existence productively of education. They mean the educational development of the individuals in the society of Pakistan.

The major academies that give the venerable education to the student who is applying for the engineering and medical universities must be serious for the major studies which give them a good turn to their lives. The following universities are acknowledged for their education.

Tuition MDCAT ECAT Entry Test Preparation Best Academies in Lahore Islamabad Karachi

Tuition MCAT ECAT Entry Test Preparation Best Academies in Lahore Islamabad Karachi

Best Academies:

  • Punjab College
  • KIPS academy
  • Star Academy
  • Superior Group of College
  • Unique Academy

MDCAT test scores in Pakistan

Medical College Admission Test (MDCAT) is a test conducted in Pakistan annually for premedical students and this test is conducted by the University of Health Sciences across the province.

Every year UHS organized the MCAT test in August while the university announces its result after almost one week.

MCAT test is mandatory for getting admission in both government and private sector medical and dental colleges & universities.

MCAT is a test that comprises 220 MCQs from four major subjects (Physics, chemistry, biology, English).

Each question in the test is of 5 marks which makes a total of 1100 marks. Every correct answer in the test scores 5 marks whereas every wrong answer scores a negative mark.

The overall test comprises 88 multiple choice questions from Biology, 58 from Chemistry, 44 from Physics, and 30 from English.

The time period for attempting this test is 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes).

MCAT is held every year in August while UHS announces its result after one week of conducting the test.

The formula for calculation of Merit

The merit for admission in medical and dental colleges would be calculated according to the rules of the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), and shall be based on the total percentage of applicants calculated by adding the marks in the following ratio:

o   Matric (SSC or Equivalent): 10 Percent

o   HSSC / F.Sc (Pre-medical or Equivalent): 40 Percent

o   MCAT test: 50 Percent

A formula for calculating merit is given below:

>>First Step

Obtained marks in SSC or Equivalent divided by Total marks of SSC or Equivalent x 1100 x 0.10 = 10 percent of SSC or Equivalent

>>Second Step

Obtained Marks in HSSC or Equivalent divided by Total marks of HSSC/Equivalent x 1100 x 0.40 = 40 percent of HSSC or Equivalent

>>Third Step

Obtained Marks in Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT divided by Total marks of Entrance Test /SAT II/MCAT x 1100 x 0.50 = 50 percent of Admission Test

>>Fourth Step

10 percent SSC or Equivalent + 40 percent HSSC or Equivalent +50 percent Admission Test = Aggregate Marks

>>Fifth Step

Aggregate Marks divided by 1100 x 100 = Aggregate Percentage

They all give affectionate preliminary classes premeditated for Entry Test calculated for ECAT, MCAT & NTS. The Punjab Group of Colleges will institute preliminary classes of MCAT, NTS as well as ECAT as well as Commerce & Engineering Education & Medical.

In Pakistan, there are many admissions tests that are known to be entry tests. The entry tests of each university are different and each university has different merit for it. But some entry tests are common. The tests for the subjects of engineering and medicine are common.

The tests are difficult, so many academies and institutes are open for admissions. So you can apply there for the admissions soon. Here you can get all the updates, comment below for the information.

If the applicants have any issues or suggestions, then tell us within the comment section. We share all the latest job information, the latest admission and the latest scholarship. The applicants must visit our site for the latest updates.

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