A union council in Pakistan is an area within a district consisting of one or more revenue estates, one or more census villages or one or more census blocks. The area of a union council is a territorial unity, whose boundaries do not cross the limits of Metropolitan Area, Municipalities or the District. Union councils are divided into rural and urban and have been demarcated as such, that the population of within each are equal. Each union Council is further subdivided into six wards and governed by the Sherwan Council – this consists of a directly elected Chairman, Vice Chairman and six general members representing each ward of the union council. In addition, the following members are indirectly elected to reserved seats by the Sherwan Council – this includes, two women members, one peasant member in a rural union council or one worker member in an urban union council, one youth member, and one non-Muslim member. Here following some union councils are provided according to the Election Commission Of Pakistan (ECP).

KPK Union Council:
Union councils of Abbottabad District‎
Union councils of Bannu District‎
Union councils of Battagram District
Union councils of Charsadda District‎
Union councils of Chitral District‎
Union councils of Dera Ismail Khan District‎
Union councils of Hangu District‎
Union councils of Haripur District‎

List of Union Councils – ECP – Election Commission of Pakistan

List of Union Councils - ECP - Election Commission of Pakistan

Punjab Union Councils:

  • Union councils of Attock District‎
  • Union councils of Dera Ghazi Khan District
  • Union councils of Gujrat District
  • Union councils of Jhelum District‎
  • Union councils of Khushab District
  • Union councils of Mandi Bahauddin District‎
  • Union councils of Mianwali District
  • Union councils of Okara District‎
  • Union councils of Rahim Yar Khan District
  • Union councils of Rawalpindi District‎
  • Union councils of Sheikhupura District
  • Union councils of Sialkot District
  • Union councils of Toba Tek Singh District‎
  • Union councils of Bhakkar District
  • Union councils of Chakwal District‎

Here we have provided you some main union councils and districts names. These union councils and districts have major population portion. Voters can poll his/her vote according to their union council where their vote is registered.  Poling station also formulated according to the population of union council.

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