Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in joint with NADRA gives SMS administration to general society to encourage the qualified voters to check their enrollment status. Open can get the data by entering CNIC number and sending the instant message to the number 8300. A computerized reaction will be gotten in such manner with the name of the discretionary region, square code, and serial number. Each enrolled voter can check his/her particulars by going to their separate District Election Commissioner’s office, where the last discretionary roll is accessible. The addresses or contact data of the DEC’s workplaces over the four regions can be found on the Election Commissions Website.

Nowadays there is an election season in Pakistan. Every tongue is speaking about the election and politics. Here we want to tell you that registered vote checking is important because that a voter can cast his/her vote in his registered polling station and if the person failed to registered vote then he/ she will not be permitted to poll the vote. Votes are registered after the age 18 year and also issuance of CNIC.

ECP Election Commission of Pakistan City Wise 2021 Voter List Online

ECP Election Commission of Pakistan City Wise 2021 Voter List Online

You can submit your application along with a copy of CNIC to the District Election Commissioner (DEC)/ Registration Officer/Assistant Registration Officer of the district where you want to get your name enrolled. The prescribed Form (Enrolment / Transfer of Vote) is available online at the ECP website or they can be obtained free of cost from the office of the District Election Commissioner / Registration Officer OR Assistant Registration Officer/Display Centre Incarge.

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