Telecom Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan

Today in this time in the world there is to much demand of the telecommunication engineering in Pakistan. This type of degree would you lead in the field of cellular mobiles, lad lines phones and also internet component. Telecommunication has changed the world face in days. Now the world becomes really a global village. It is all about the telecommunication engineering that now every person and every activity of humans in the all over the world in each one eye. Every one has relation to each other across the world. Telecommunications engineering is a really fruitful degree that is serving the humanity in best manners. Pakistan is developing the country and this profession has good worth here. The people who are belongs to this sector they can define the worth of this program and benefits. If you are interested in the field of Engineering then we recommend you telecommunication engineering because that this has a great place in profession adopting. There is big space in Pakistan to fill up this sector.

Telecommunications is a fastly developing an excellent field of engineering. The demand for graduates in telecommunications is increasing as technology is moderating and broadening its scope of applications. Pakistan, universities have close links with employers and professional bodies ensure that their students are equipped with skills that are in need. Therefore, MCS continues to be the College of choice for employers seeking high-caliber graduates. All of their graduates either get employed and start their own ventures or opt for higher studies/professional pieces of training on completing their degrees. Telecommunication graduates normally find employment with major service providers and large private industrial groups. There are a number of chances available in smaller service and technology providers, some of which are highly specialized and technologically advanced.

Telecom Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan

Telecom Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intermediate certificate for BS programs and 14-year degree for the MSc programs
  • Minimum 50% marks or 2.5 CGPA in the last degree
  • Candidates with a degree from foreign university have to submit equivalence certificate issued from HEC. This equivalence certificate should explicitly mention that their terminal degree is equivalent to 16 years (or more) of education in Pakistan.


By holding the degree in Telecommunication Engineering in your hands you would be finding so many career options that are opening their doorways for you. Some of the important employment options for you are as Telecommunication Firms,Internet Service Provider Companies,TV Channels,Banks,Radio Stations,Communication Satellite and,Manufacturing Companies, Cable TV Networks, Educational Universities,Cable Inter Networks, Vocational Training Centers, Research Centers, Government Companies,Private Offices,Scientific Research Journals, Management consultant, Multimedia Programmer, Project Manager,Technical Telecommunication Author, Technical Sales Telecommunication Engineer, Software Houses, Technology Repairing Stores,Main Employment Areas of Telecommunication Engineering In Pakistan:Professor/Teaching Consultant,Software Consultant Advisor,Multimedia Programmer,Software Production Expert,Cable Operator,Technology Repairing Master

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