Electronics Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakis …

Engineering is a popular area of study in the Science group. Here we are living in the digital world. This world is called electronic based. Here development is depending on electricity and electronic devices. We want to discuss here Electronic engineering, its eligibility criteria and also the scope of this study in Pakistan. We also will discuss here brief detail about course outline, the procedure for admission and also a schedule of admission in various universities throughout Pakistan. An electronic engineer job description is to design and develop or manufacturing and also testing components, devices, equipment that use electricity to run or come into operational condition. These components can be capacitors, diodes, resistors, and transistors. Electronic engineers usually work in projects with a team that is devices based. There is the difference between electrical and electronic engineer. Electrical engineer produces electricity and electronic engineer produce electricity using devices.

Electronic engineering class on a higher level will be started after intermediate or DAE. Admissions are open in the month of July to August. The main universities which have good ranking offer admission after entry test conduction. Every university has settled their merit or admission parameter. Eligible students are advised to apply before the last date. There is a problem that universities present limited vacancies. An electronic engineering discusses proposals with clients, work to design new systems, circuits, and devices. An electronic engineer writes specifications and technical reports. It is another quality of an electronic engineering that creates user-friendly interfaces.

Electronics Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan

Electronics Engineering Eligibility Criteria Career and Scope in Pakistan

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Intermediate with Physics And Mathematics
  • Minimum Marks 50%
  • Entry Test clearing with passing marks
  • For MSc qualification should be graduation in the same line


An electronic engineer has various opportunities after the successful completion of the degree. An electronic engineer can sit in different companies and also can join main government departments like as aeronautical, space, Wah ordinance, and WAPDA etc. There can be start own business in the line of electronics. An electronic engineer can find work in a variety of areas, as electronics are used in many things. These areas include acoustics, defense, medical instruments, mobile phones, nanotechnology, radio, and satellite communication robotics.

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