AJK Latest Police Jobs 2024 As An ASI SI Constable, Lady Constable Cle …

The system of policing in Mughal India was organized on the basis of land tenure. Zamindars were responsible for apprehending disturbers of the public peace and performing other policing duties. At the level of the village, these functions were performed by the village headmen. In large towns, administration of the police was entrusted to functionaries called kotwals who discharged the combined duties of law enforcement, municipal administration and revenue collection.

Patrol officers in form of village watchmen or patels in villages and peons, horse patrolmen and such other like men in the towns were present. Violent organized crime was usually dealt with by the military. The police department has an obligation and duty to function according to the requirement of the constitution, law and democratic aspirations of the people. Such functioning of the police requires it to be professional and service-oriented, and free from undue extraneous influences and yet be accountable to the people.

AJK Latest Police Jobs 2024 As An ASI SI Constable, Lady Constable Clerk Computer Operator Data Entry Operator Police Jobs in Azad Jammu Kashmir

AJK Latest Police Jobs 2024 As An ASI SI Constable, Lady Constable Clerk Computer Operator Data Entry Operator Police Jobs in Azad Jammu Kashmir

Names of posts
ASI Constable
Lady Constable Clerk
SI constable
Computer Operator
Data entry operator

Safety Tips

Given below are some measures to be followed by general public for their safety:

  • Always stay alert and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Get to know the neighbourhoods and neighbours where you live and work.
  • Authenticate persons before renting them room or house.
  • When sitting in your shops or offices, keep a vigilant eye around and ensure proper security arrangements.
  • If you see something unusual in your surroundings, evaluate it. After evaluation, if you still cannot determine if a threat exists or not, notify to the area Police station.
  • Police should also be informed of any strangers who may have come to stay in your neighborhood and whose activities appear suspicious.
  • Try to avoid visiting crowded places, markets, hotels, offices, video shops without necessity.
  • Do not touch any unidentified object. Explosive could be concealed in a number of  objects including toys, transistors, lunch boxes, bottles, bags etc.
  • Do not accept any parcels from strangers.
  • Make eye contact with people around you.
  • While traveling, always check under your seats for any suspicious objects.
  • Keep your mobile phone charged and make sure that all emergency numbers are feeded in your mobile.
  • Citizens should inform the police regarding any suspicious activities, abandoned vehicles, articles, and other objects by visiting the nearest police station or by calling 15.
  • Lock doors while driving.
  • Ensure that you close all windows and quarter glasses of your vehicle and lock up the vehicle every time you park it, even if you’ll be gone only for a short while. The bonnet and boot should also be properly secured.
  • Look around for people before leaving your car.

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