Choosing a Career after Intermediate 12th with Pre Medical, Pre Engineering or Art

As soon as you have the level up in life you have to take best decisions of jobs or career. The people will be given with all the information which they require to have. The students when taking the level up for the educational sector need to take the best decisions. Choosing your career is perhaps the most important decision you take in your life. The right choice, based on not just “scope” and what everyone else is doing, but on one’s own interest, inclination, aptitude and potential, can give a head start in this competitive world, and take you on the fast-track to success. All the details about career choosing is provided below.

The people will get all the updates lined up for themselves. After the Intermediate level they enter to higher studies where they get the best studies lined. The decision of career is difficult to take yet interesting and making up the points. You must choose the career which give you comfort. The subjects in whom you are interested you must choose those subjects. People must make the best mark to it. A student has to decide his / her career path after plus two, the final stage of their school life.

Choosing a Career after Intermediate 12th with Pre Medical, Pre Engineering or Arts

Choosing a Career after Intermediate 12th with Pre Medical, Pre Engineering or Arts, General Group to Studies or Jobs

FSC Engineering
• Chemical Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Systems Engineering
• Aeronautical Engineering
• Marine Engineering

FSC Medical 
• MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
• BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery)
• Physician
• Pharma
• Nursing
• Forensic Science
• Bio-technology & Microbiology

ICS Intermediate

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Sciences
  • Information Technology
  • Hardware Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • System Management
  • Computer Arts

Arts Intermediate

  • Journalism
  • BCA
  • Fine Arts
  • Linguistics (like BA in English, Urdu, Arabic)
  • Textile
  • Interior Designing
  • Interior Designing
  • Fashion Designing
  • Hotel Management
  • Mass Communication
    & many more

If there was a “best” career that everyone would aim for, then very soon its scope would drastically come down, because there will be too many people qualifying in that field. In fact this is what happened in the late nineties to IT and in the past few years to BT (biotechnology). Both are very challenging and promising fields. But whenever too many people rush towards them, the demand obviously comes down. Most students might have previously preferred their subjects for 12th grade, depending on their curiosity of career choice. While prefer a career after 12th, a student must think various factors, most prominently his/her concentration, capability to manage with the subject chosen that is essential during the course.

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