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Pakistan Institute Of Management Lahore has announced admission for session 2022 on 05 JULY 2022. The candidates who want to take admission must submit their admission form before the deadline of 21 JULY 2022. Local students invite candidates, Overseas Pakistanis and International students to follow PG DIPLOMA / CERT degree Programs. Candidates interested in joining this advertisement should read the whole advertisement. The procedure for admission in the department of Business Management will continue Pakistan Institute of Management till the Last Date, 21 JULY 2022. Candidates can see all eligibility and ineligibility criteria for taking admission to PIM.

Candidates who are interested in taking admission to PIM are informed that the Pakistan Institute of Management, Lahore admissions are open, and candidates can apply before the deadline. Detailed Application Process for local, overseas Pakistanis and International Students, Eligibility criteria. How to apply Online and Contact details are mentioned in the institute’s official advertisement below.

PIM Admission 2022 in Lahore and Islamabad Online Apply Pakistan Institute of Management

PIM Admission 2022 in Lahore and Islamabad Online Apply Pakistan Institute of Management

Industrial relation and labour law:

Timing: Friday 6pm to 9pm & Saturday 5pm to 8pm.

Course Outline:

  1. Industrial relation management.
  2. Labour rights, policies, and ILO standards.
  3. Workplace discipline and working conditions.
  4. Laws related to the benefit of employees.
  5. Employee dismissal.
  6. Contract management.
  7. Payment wages act 2019.
  8. Procurement laws and management.
  9. Toolkit for effective negotiation.
  10. Complaints forms.

Duration 3 Months
Day Fri & Sat
Commencement of classes 10 September 2021

Professional certificate in business English:
Timings: 6 pm to 9 pm.

Course Outline:

  1. Communicate confidently and effectively in English.
  2. Grasp the essentials of English grammar and usage.
  3. Understand the process of corporate writing.
  4. Write effective memos, letters and reports.
  5. Learn the art of interpersonal communication skills.
  6. Prepare and deliver effective presentations.

Duration 2 Months
Day Wed & Thu
Commencement of classes 08 September 2021
Real estate management:
Timings: 6 pm to 9 pm.

Course Outline:

  1. Future of real estate and opportunities for estate agents in Pakistan.
  2. Pride in your product.
  3. Know your profession.
  4. Know your product.
  5. Importance of sites visit and facts collection.
  6. Importance to evaluate the real estate unit.
  7. Importance of data collection in real estate business.
  8. Importance of banking knowledge for a real estate professional.
  9. Importance of basic geometry for real estate professionals.
  10. Importance of architecture for real estate professionals.
  11. Factor important for client relations.

Duration 3 Months
Day Mon & Wed
Commencement of classes 11 August 2021

Some of the students want to do freelancing, and some of the students need to get information about E-commerce, and they want to get skills that how they can invent and how they can earn money through E-commerce that kind of students take admission in this field, and they can try their best to get more skills for their life. If we talk about the departments of management and departments of business English then students can get classes online for their professional life.

In this session, the admission committee announced that all students who want to do this diploma that kind of student is admission for two months, and after the two months, they can get complete certificate, and then they have a degree of the professional certificate that is too much useful for their future life.

Candidates who do not have a degree of BS and think that they do not get admission to this session of these departments because they do not have a degree that kind of students have to apply for admission because these diplomas are not only for students with a degree. Those students also get admission who do not have a degree. On the other hand, these diplomas are for those students who want to learn best for their practical life.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility criteria for admission to these courses are that students must have result sheets of their previous semester examination and if any student who does not have a result sheet of BS 2 years degree and they think that they do not get an admission that students can also get admission on the the base of two years.

Both girls and boys can apply for admission, but if any student who has good marks in the IT field and after that, they want to get admission in the business field; that kinds of students are also eligible for these courses.

Date Issued :: 05 JULY 2022
Last Date :: 21 JULY 2022

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