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Lahore is a city full of universities MUL Minhaj University is also from one of them. A very well known and excellent university of Pakistan is known as Minhaj University and is currently providing education facilities to the students in Lahore. There are two campuses of the university. One is located in model town and the other is in township. The university provides all the basic necessities for the students such as libraries, hostels, cafeterias and playing grounds. and other facilities as well. Minhaj University Lahore MUL Admission 2024 Entry Test Application Form.


  • Admission to various degree programs is announced in the National Newspapers. The entry requirements have been laid down in the Prospectus.
  • Admission is made normally twice a year under the semester system.
  • Criteria for admission is merit based on the marks obtained in the previous Board/ University examination followed by the written test and interview by the Admission Committee. The procedure for admission is laid down in the subsequent paragraphs.

Admission Procedure

  1. Inquiry Card: This card has been designed to collect relevant information about the candidates in order to guide them in choosing the possible program of study.
  2. Application Form : Generally a candidate fills up this card at the time of his/her visit to the admission office. The application form for admission is provided with the prospectus of each Faculty and is placed at the end. The candidates are to fill up this application form in their own handwriting and submit it along with the required documents to the Admission Office before the due date.
  3. Admission Test Card : The Admission Test Card is issued at the time of submitting the application form . A candidate must keep this card with him/her at the time of taking admission test. The admission test fee is Rs.100.
  4. Admission Test/ Interview : The main objective of conducting the Admission Test/Interview is to evaluate the aptitude, academic potential and the level of achievement of the applicant. The admission is offered to those candidates only who qualify the test/interview and fulfill all the requirements and conditions set by the management to maintain the standard of education with moral upkeep.
  5. Enrolment Slip: The enrolment slip is issued to the qualified candidates to notify them to deposit their respective dues with the Accounts Office/Cashier within due date.
  6. Fee Deposit: The admission is confirmed only when the required fee is deposited in full as per fee deposit scheduled by the candidate within due date.
  7. Confirmation Letter: The confirmation letters of admission are dispatched at the postal address of the students.
  8. Orientation Session: An Orientation program is organized just before start of 1st Semester. The students are briefed about curriculum, study programs, general rules and regulations, students conduct including dress code, detailed introduction of the University / respective Departments. The students also physically visit various departments of the University.

Students Conduct

  1. The University students are expected to be well behaved and well-disciplined during their stay at the Campus. Any contrary behavior is liable to disciplinary action which may result in fine, expulsion or rustication depending upon the nature and gravity of the offense.
  2. A two-hour motivational program per week based on lectures of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri, Chairman, Board of Governors, Minhaj University Lahore, is arranged for students for better understanding of Islamic values and religious grooming. The attendance of all students is compulsory.
  3. Students shall follow the dress code of the University. Women students must wear full gown, a scarf or shalwar Kamiz (full sleeve) with dupatta. Boys must wear a shirt & pants or shalwar kameez with waistcoat.
  4. All dues must be cleared by the date indicated in the schedule of the payment of dues within the specified date.

Late clearance of dues will have the following fines.

  1. After due date Rs.10 per day for 5 days
  2. Expulsion from the class after 5 days default with fine of Rs 40. per day till he/she allowed to re-join the classes after clearance of the dues.
  3. After 15 days of default, the name will be removed from the rolls of the Department.
  4. Students of category (iii) above may seek one-time re-admission by paying Rs. 3,000- 5,000 at the discretion of the University, within one month of expulsion.
  1. Students must attend all the classes regularly in their own interest to avoid fine. However, the students absenting themselves from the class will be fined (i) Rs. 10 per period (ii) Rs.40 per day.
  1. The name of the student will be struck off the rolls after 15 days of continuous absence without leave.
  1. Students must take care of the University property, preserve it and avoid any damage. In case of any damage to the property including library books, furniture, laboratory equipment, hostel property etc. The involved students will have to pay for the damaged property.
  2. Leave is generally restricted to 2-3 days in dire necessity. Students are advised to plan family visits/functions during the closure of the University for Winter/Summer/ end of semester vacation to avoid absence from the classes.
  3. Students must be in possession of Minhaj University ID card at all times and produce the card for verification on demand by the University, faculty/staff or any govt. official.
  4. The use of mobile phones or carrying the phone in the classroom, library, laboratory is prohibited.
  5. Students must make themselves conversant with detailed University rules and regulations for academics, discipline and hostel and abide by these in letter and spirit.

Additional Charges at the time of Admission

Web Portal fee per year for the Learning Management System 2500
Library Security Fee (Refundable) 1000
Student Card 100
Library & Magazine Fund 200
Total Additional Charges 3800

Minhaj University Lahore Admission 2024 Entry Test Application Form Fee Structure Schedule Dates

Minhaj University Lahore MUL Admission 2024 Entry Test Application Form


Minhaj University Lahore has announced admission for following BACHELOR, MS / M.PHIL (18 years), MASTER (MA / MSc), DOCTORATE, PG DIPLOMA / CERT degree programs 

  • ADE – Education
  • B.COM – Commerce
  • B.Sc. – Economics
  • B.Sc. – Mass Communication
  • BBA – Business Administration
  • BS – English
  • BS – Library & Information Science
  • BS – Sociology
  • BS – Behavioural Sciences
  • BS – Computer Science
  • BS – Information Technology
  • BS – International Relations
  • BS – History
  • BS – Pakistan Studies
  • BS – Urdu
  • BS – Finance & Accounting
  • BS – Medical Laboratory Technology
  • BS – Political Science
  • BS – Islamic Studies
  • BS – Arabic
  • BS – Chemistry
  • BS – Physics
  • BS – Mathematics
  • BS – Statistics
  • BS – Botany
  • BS – Zoology
  • BS – Software Engineering
  • PGD – Criminology
  • M.Com. – Commerce
  • M.Sc. – Physics
  • M.Sc. – Statistics
  • M.Sc. – Pakistan Studies
  • M.Sc. – Criminology
  • M.Sc. – Information Technology
  • M.Sc. – Economics
  • M.Sc. – Computer Science
  • M.Sc. – Mathematics
  • M.Sc. – Chemistry
  • M.Phil. – Education
  • M.Phil. – History
  • M.Phil. – Pakistan Studies
  • MBA – Business Administration
  • MIT – Information Technology
  • MS – Commerce
  • MS – Management Sciences
  • Ph.D. – Political Science
  • Ph.D. – International Relations
  • Ph.D. – Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. – Botany
  • M.Sc. – Zoology
  • M.Sc. – Software Engineering
  • M.Sc. – Human Resource Development
  • M.Sc. – Marketing
  • M.Sc. – Supply Chain Management
  • M.Sc. – Finance
  • M.Sc. – Mass Communication
  • M.Sc. – Library & Information Science
  • M.Sc. – Sociology
  • MA – International Relations
  • MA – Urdu
  • MA – Political Science
  • MA – History
  • MA – English Language & Literature
  • MA – English Language Teaching
  • MA – Arabic
  • MA – Shari’ah
  • MA – Islamic Studies
  • MA – Education
  • M.Phil. – Mathematics
  • M.Phil. – Computer Science
  • M.Phil. – English Linguistics
  • M.Phil. – Chemistry
  • M.Phil. – Statistics
  • M.Phil. – Shari’ah
  • M.Phil. – Economics & Finance
  • M.Phil. – Botany
  • M.Phil. – Zoology
  • M.Phil. – Physics
  • M.Phil. – Software Engineering
  • M.Phil. – Mass Communication
  • M.Phil. – Library & Information Science
  • M.Phil. – Political Science
  • M.Phil. – Sociology
  • M.Phil. – Islamic Studies
  • M.Phil. – International Relations
  • M.Phil. – Arabic
  • M.Phil. – Criminology
  • M.Phil. – Biochemistry
  • M.Phil. – Urdu
  • Ph.D. – Urdu
  • Ph.D. – Shari’ah
  • Ph.D. – Library & Information Science
  • Ph.D. – English
  • Ph.D. – Sociology
  • Ph.D. – Islamic Studies
  • Ph.D. – Arabic

If any programs from this list is according to your interest then you can apply to this university. To get more details regarding MUL Minhaj University Lahore Graduate and Undergraduate Admission 2024 Fee Structure Schedule Dates For Entry Test You must visit regularly. For further news details and information keep visiting our website.

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