Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Admission 2024 Fee Structure

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ABASYN University Islamabad Campus has announced the admission schedule in Fall 2024. This admission is open in various programs like Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science, Management Sciences, Department of Management & Social Sciences, MS: Management Sciences, Engineering Management, Project Management, Logistics & Supply chain Management, Development Studies, Master in Commerce (M.com), Master in Business Administration (MBA), MS: Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Telecom & Networks, MSc Microbiology.

ABASYN University has experienced & foreign qualified faculty, There are In house Research & Development companies for practical workshops. There is the availability of Financial aid and scholarships for needy and capable students. There is hostel availability for outside students.

This facility just for Boys and many hostels on walk distance for boys and girls on cheap charges. Abasyn University Main campus is located in Peshawar and charted by the Govt. of KPK and recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan. Abasyn University was the first KPK university that was awarded the “W” category. HEC granted permission to Abasyn University to open a campus in Islamabad.

This was a milestone for this institute. Now, this campus is located in I-9/2 Islamabad. There are highly qualified teaching and management staff. There is a well-stocked library that has access to digital research databases, e-journals, e-books, and e-reports.

Abasyn University has a mission to build a knowledge community all over the country with quality education, relevance, critical thinking, creativity, research, and social responsibility. Abasyn University has the aim to deliver quality education, training, and research opportunities.

These all qualities give high qualified graduates and responsible citizens to the community who can meet the future challenges and meet the world requirements. Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Admission 2024 complete detail available here. Abasyn University, Islamabad is the best university in Pakistan and has well-educated and experienced staff.

Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Admission 2024 Fee Structure Application Form

Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Admission 2024 Fee Structure Application Form


Programs Offered:-

Undergraduate Program

  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science,
  • Management Sciences
  • Department of Management & Social Sciences

Graduate Programs

  • MS: Management Sciences
  • Engineering Management
  • Project Management
  • Logistics & Supply chain Management
  • Development Studies
  • Master in Commerce (M.com)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • MS: Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Science,
  • Telecom & Networks
  • MSc Microbiology

Fee Structure

B.Tech (Civil/Electrica/Mechanical) PKR 22000/-
BE- Civil Engineering PKR 7125/-
MS- Project Management PKR 4600/-
MS- Management Science PKR 4600/-
MS- Electrical Engineering PKR 4600/-
MS- Software Engineering PKR 4600/-
MS- Computer Science PKR 4600/-
MS – Data Science PKR 4500/-
BE- Electrical Engineering PKR 4200/-
M.Phil – Micro Biology PKR 4100/-
Pharm-D PKR 3895/-
DPT PKR 3050/-
BS- Software Engineering PKR 3000/-
BS- Computer Science PKR 2560/-
BS- Microbiology PKR 2400/-
BS – MLT PKR 2350/-
BS – HN & Dietetics PKR 2300/-
BS-Electronics PKR 2300/-
BS Prosthetics & Orthotics PKR 2300/-
BS Radiology Technology PKR 2300/-
BS – Fashion and Design PKR 2300/-
BS – Psychology PKR 2300/-
BS – English PKR 2300/-
BS – Human Nutrition and dietetics PKR 2250/-
B.Ed (Hons) PKR 2150/-
BS – Mass Communication PKR 2150/-
BS – Mathematics PKR 2150/-
BS – Environmental sciences PKR 2150/-
BS – Biochemistry PKR 2150/-
BBA PKR 2150/-
BS – T&H Management PKR 2150/-
BS – Statistics PKR 2100/-
Bachelor in Business Administration PKR 2100/-
Cr. Hour Transfer Fee 1,000/-
Admission Fee (One Time) 10,000/-
Security Fee (One Time) 10,000/-
Semester Registration/Misc Fee (Per Semester) 10,000/-
Semester Freeze Fee 10,000/-
Paper Retake Fee (Per Paper) 3000/-
Paper Recheck Fee (Per Paper) 2,000/-
Course Exemption Fee 2,000/-
Prospectus Fee 1,000/-

How To Apply:-

  • Visit admission office Abasyn University Islamabad Campus Or Apply online at www.abasynisb.edu.pk.
  • Download/Print admission form, send the duly filled form along with requisite documents to the Admission office

The University provides its students with the required qualifications with professional and relevant training. The University helps its students to find the best jobs through career counseling cells. If you are interested and meet the required criteria for this admission then apply must in this distinguished institute. For More details visit our page regularly.

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