How to Get Study Visa For Malaysia Abroad Study Pakistani Students

Students wish to complete their higher education from abroad. Malaysia is a good place to do so. Malaysia is providing several scholarships. In order to study in Malaysia, Pakistani candidates require a student visa of Malaysia. This student visa is allotted to foreign students who wish to study in other country. Student visa application form must be filled with accuracy and should be signed by the applicant. Any inaccuracy in the application from will cause hindrance in the process of visa application. Students are also required to show their approval letters by the university of Malaysia details are given below..

Many Pakistani students go abroad for education but for that they have to spend a great deal of resources. After you spend a great amount of money and energy, you expect something worth in return. These students usually don’t come back to Pakistan again and permanently settle there. Some who do come back; don’t take much effort as they have to go against the system. Other students who really wish to make a change and are enthusiast enough to make Pakistan a better country, never get the chance to do so. The reason why they don’t get any chance is also due to our so called hardworking government for the developing country.

How to Get Study Visa For Malaysia Abroad Study Pakistani Students

How to Get Study Visa For Malaysia Abroad Study Pakistani StudentsTo apply for Malaysian Student Visa following documents is required:

The documents required for Malaysia student visa for Students are as follows

1.   1 (one) copy of Covering Letter (Individual or Institution – typed written).

2.   1 (one) Visa Application Forms (IM. 47-Pin. 1/97) – typed written/bold print.

3.   2(two) recent photographs of applicant (passport size/blue background).

4. Original & Photocopy of Pakistan National Identity Card (CNIC) (A4 size).

5.  Original passport & photocopy of passport (A4 size) validity of passport must be more than 6 (six) months during time of travel.

6.   Original & photocopies of confirmed airline tickets.

7.  Original copy of Bank statement/s for the last six (6) months (minimum Rs. 100,000) sufficient funds to cover expenses of individual or group travel (must be verified/certified by the issuing bank).

8.    Original & photocopy of offer letter from university or college.

9.    Original & photocopy of approval letter from Immigration Department, Malaysia.

10.  Affidavit of support letter from sponsor & copy of sponsor CNIC.

11. Original copy of sponsor’s bank statement – verified by the issuing bank (sufficient funds to cover student’s expenses).

12.  Confirmed ticket – preference Malaysia Airlines/PIA.

Once the above is received, all required documents will be submitted to the Fedex and they will forward it to the Malaysian Embassy for Student Visa application. Usually this process takes 3 working days.



Step 1. The student submits an application form for study, together with the relevant documents to the intended educational institution which has the official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Immigration Department) to recruit international students.

Step 2: The Student’s application is accepted by the educational institution, which then helps to apply for a student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia (except for students from the PRC).

Step 3: Upon acceptance, a letter of approval for the student pass is released by the Malaysian Immigration Department to the educational institution for them to pass on to the student

Step 4: Before leaving his/her country for Malaysia, the student informs the educational institution of his/her port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time.

Step 5: Upon arrival at the airport in Malaysia, the educational institution’s representative receives the student at the immigration check-point.

Step 6: Within 2 weeks of the student’s arrival, the educational institution submits the student’s passport to the Immigration Department, which attaches the student pass sticker.

Malaysian Government has made the process of applying for study visa very easy. Candidates who are interested are required to contact the institution in Malaysia directly. The institution will guide them accordingly. Scope of education in abroad and its details are provided here bu us for students who want to go abroad for their higher studies, we will update you here with more details and latest news keep visiting for keeping yourself updated. More details will be available here. Stay with us for more updates.

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