To make the decision of studying abroad is the best one times. This time require the fact to be successful and have the best career. Malaysia is said to be one of the best countries which provide best education along with the best way of thought to have a great living. This article will tell you and show you all the parts of the best end of education. The students who want to study internationally must now have the best end to it. The article will tell all the updates and information about studying in Malaysia. Today’s job market for graduating students is extremely competitive. You’re not only competing for jobs with students from your university or your country; you’re competing with students from across the world it is need of the time to laern.

The fees of the best education will be provided to you. The students can get all the information that they require for the admissions in the country of Malaysia. The students have to get through the procedure of visa that will help you for the study in Malaysia. A study abroad experience on your resume will distinguish you from your peers. Through your experiences you will develop qualities employers value

Students who are hoping to study in Malaysia will now have to:

  • Be accepted into a higher education institute
  • Be issued a valid student card
  • Take a Malay language course within their first year of study in Malaysia 
  • Purchase medical insurance.

How to apply for Malaysia Study Visa Procedure Charges Criteria

How to apply for Malaysia Study Visa Procedure Charges CriteriaImmigration Procedures

  • Step 1

YOU submit an application/enrolment form with relevant documents to the intended higher educational institution which has official approval from the Ministry of Home Affairs (Malaysia Immigration Department) to recruit international students.

  • Step 2

YOUR application to study is accepted by the educational institution. The institution will then help YOU apply for a student pass at the Malaysian Immigration Department in Malaysia prior to YOUR arrival.

  • Step 3

A letter of approval for a student pass will then be released by the Malaysian Immigration Department to the educational institution which has offered YOU a place to study. The educational institution will send the approval letter to YOU while YOU are still in YOUR own country.

  • Step 4

Before leaving YOUR country for Malaysia, YOU must inform the educational institution of YOUR port of entry (airport), flight number, arrival date and time.

  • Step 5

Upon YOUR arrival at the airport in Malaysia, the educational institution’s representative will receive YOU at the immigration check-point at the Malaysian airport. A visa will be issued to YOU at the entry point in the form of an endorsement on YOUR valid national passport. A Special Pass will be issued at the entry point to refer you to the nearest State Immigration Department for issuance of a Student Pass. 

  • Step 6

Within 2 weeks of YOUR arrival, the educational institution will submit YOUR passport to the Immigration Department to affix the Student Pass sticker. This process may take about 6 to 8 weeks.

You can have the visa by going through this process and then you can study in Malaysia. The Visa Fees sot to be 590 PKR or 1000 PKR. This study will make you at your best career and best way of your study at the best cost to it. So you can consider this option too if you fail to acquire scholarship. Knowledge about education in abroad is provided by us for our user hope you have gained information beyond your expectations and for more latest news and admissions announcements will keep visiting our website.

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